Who Are We

Amanjit Lalli

Amanjit is the owner and founder of A L Law and has been qualified since January 2000. She specialises in the area of Family and Children Law.

Amanjit is currently a member of the following panels:

  • Law Society’s Children Panel - Children Representative
  • Advanced Family Law Panel
  • Domestic Violence Advisor - Advanced Family Law Panel
  • The Lord Chancellor's Child Abduction and Contact Panel

Amanjit is also a member of Resolution.

In all Children Act proceedings she represents parents, family members, children’s guardians and children.

A L Law covers the following areas including international jurisdictions:

  • Adoption;
  • Child Abduction;
  • Children (both Private and Public Law);
  • Divorce, Nullity & Separation;
  • Domestic Violence
  • Financial Arrangements for married and unmarried couples;
  • Forced Marriages
  • Special Guardianship
  • Civil Partnership
  • Pre Nuptial Agreements
  • Surrogacy
  • Wardship
  • Wills & Probate
  • Trust

Amanjit is able to advise on Family/Matrimonial matters and practices in both the High Court and Family Courts, acting for publicly funded and private clients. She practices her own advocacy at all levels.

Amanjit has provided regular training and written articles. She undertakes pro bono work on a regular basis with local women’s centres and CAB’s. She is dedicated to working with all vulnerable members of society that require assistance and further committed to charitable work with a number of local Charities.

Reported Cases
  • Re SK (2007) EWHC 3289 (FAM)
  • M v J (2007) ALL ER (D) AT5 (MAR)
  • Re FH (Dispensing with Fact-Finding Hearing) (2009) 1 FLR 349
  • Re Z (Unsupervised Contact: Allegations of Domestic Violence) (2009) EWCA CIV 430
  • Re O (A Child) (2009) EWCA Civ 1273
  • WF v FJ, BF and RF (Abduction: Child's Objections) (2010) EWHC 2909 (Fam)
  • Re T v LAA (2013) EWHC 960(Admin)
  • Re: S (A child: Care order) (2014) EWHC 529 (Fam)

Gavin Brown

Gavin is a Child Care and Family Solicitor.

Gavin has a flair for advocacy and conducts his own advocacy in childcare and family matters, with particular emphasis on children act matters and non-molestation orders. Gavin endeavours to conduct his own advocacy at Case Management, Fact-Finding and Final Hearings.

Gavin has gained experience of undertaking extensive work on all areas of family and children law including Wardship, Child Abduction, Divorce, Public and Private Children law applications.

Prior to specialising Child Care and Family law, Gavin gained extensive experience in Criminal law, where he represented clients who had been charged with serious crimes including murder, assaults and sexual offences.

During this time, Gavin was also a police accredited representative and built up a firm client base.

Gavin advised clients at the police station, as to the strengths and weaknesses of their case and their options in interview at the police station.

Gavin undertook complex casework on a range of cases, developed a strong relationship with counsel and conducted prison visits on a regular basis.

Combining his experience in Child Care and Criminal Law, Gavin has conducted several Care Proceeding matters from his existing clientele.

Gavin has represented clients at court, Legal Planning Meetings and Child Protection Conferences and advised them extensively, as to the procedure in Care Proceedings undertaken by the Local Authority.

During his spare time enjoys playing and watching football, reading current affairs and spending time with his family. Gavin is also listed as a Football Agent with the Football Association.