The UK Government released updated guidance on the containment of Coronavirus, substantially increasing the rate of self-isolation across the country. Part of this recommendation was that those who can work from home should do so. A L Law is managing our affairs subsequent to this advice. We wish to reassure you that your matter and your data remain subject to the very highest standards of professional conduct.


A L Law has tested Business Continuity and Business Recovery plans, so we can maintain the levels of service you would expect from us despite the current external disruptions. These plans are now coming into effect. In the coming days, we have implemented work-from-home policy in line with Government advice with no expected compromise to service levels.
Should we have to close our office for a certain period of time due to Government restrictions or advice, we are able to continue to support our clients by using our tried and tested technology: all our lawyers are able to work from home. They can do this through our case management system, with no interruption to client service, a setup that is very familiar as our staff work remotely on a regular basis.


At A L Law we are doing everything we can to help avoid the spread of this virus. We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting all areas and have hand sanitisers available in our office.
To preserve the health of our clients, staff and their families we have been operating policies of restricted travel and meetings. Only essential meetings and office travel have been permitted for the last week. This has now extended to self-isolation for those at risk – in line with government advice. This may affect our ability to conduct face-to-face client meetings but is not expected to prejudice our ability to deliver outcomes for clients.

We will continue to monitor guidance from Government as this complex and fast moving situation continues to play-out. You can always be assured that:

  • Your Solicitor’s contact details remain the same and are still functional
  • Your rights as a client are unaffected
  • Your data remains safe
  • Any funds you have with us remain safe


Times of disruption present opportunities for the unscrupulous to take advantage of heightened confusion. PLEASE TAKE EXTRA CARE, PARTICULARLY WHEN MAKING PAYMENTS TO OR RECEIVING MONEY FROM A L LAW, THAT YOU OBSERVE HIGH STANDARDS OF CAUTION, INCLUDING:

  • Noting that A L Law will NEVER change our bank-account details mid-transaction
  • Making sure that you confirm transactions verbally with your original Solicitor, and never to rely exclusively on email communication
  • Treating any communications from new or unrecognised sources, particularly any communications that express urgency or require you to move quickly, with the utmost scepticism

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact your A L Law Solicitor in the normal way.