Our Aim

We strive to provide the best, highest quality service to our clients always. By this we mean that everything we do is intended to solve your legal and family concerns and problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do this by making sure we understand fully your concern, and then focusing on finding the best solution in the shortest possible time. Our commitment is summarised by the core values that underwrite every aspect of our work; straight up, constructive approach, professionalism and accessibility.

We are Straight Up

We are straight up about the cost of our services and ensure they include no hidden costs or fees.



We approach all our cases with a constructive resolution.



We maintain the highest levels of professionalism throughout the organisation and have a very active involvement with local charitable organisations and local communities.



We take client care very seriously and stress the importance of keeping you informed at all stages of what we are doing, and what we need from you. We aim to provide you information in clear English at all times.

We shall keep you abreast of any developments that do, or might, affect you as your matter or case progresses.